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Sanctum Body

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Please Note: Products are NOT available for postage, and are only available through local FREE deliveries in Greater Metropolitan Sydney Area, Sydney Surrounds and Illawarra Region.

Sanctum Body Range

- Sanctum Body Spa
Certified Organic 91% and 100% Naturally Derived.

The ultimate skin softening shower gel. Builds into a light, creamy lather cleansing and rejuvenating the skin. Turn your bath or shower into a luxurious treat.

- Sanctum Body Buff
Certified Organic 86% and 100% Naturally Derived

This invigorating body scrub gently exfoliates to remove dry skin and ingrained impurities. Your body will feel fresh and awakened.

- Sanctum Body Soothe
Certified Organic 95% and 100% Naturally Derived.

For all over body hydration spoil yourself with this light, nourishing lotion. Absorbs quickly into the skin for instant hydration. Locks in moisture for a radiant, natural glow.